Accident Checklist

In the Event of an Accident:

Stop your vehicle immediately, and check for injuries. Pull of the road. Move your car out of the flow of traffic, if possible. Identify yourself. Have your driver’s license and proof of insurance available.

Call the local police, highway patrol, or 911. Do not leave the scene of the accident. Wait for the police to arrive. Do not discuss the accident with anyone but the police or your insurance agent. Stick to the fats of what happened. Do not admit fault, as you may not have all of the facts.

Obtain witness information. Get names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all witnesses. If a witness doesn’t stop or remain at the scene, write down their car license number, make and model; police can find them for further information later.

Fill out the Accident Information forms provided in this brochure. (Links provided below.) These will provide most of the information needed by the police and help with the preparation of official documents.

If your car cannot be driven, call either your personal roadside assistance company (such as AAA) or a toeing company to move your vehicle to an appropriate repair shop.

Even if you do not think you’ve been injured, make an appointment for a spinal exam to make sure that you do not have any “invisible” injuries with the potential to cause you future pain or problems.

This accident form will assist you with providing pertinent information about your accident.