Written by Dr. Sean Reif D.C.

On being drugless, Innately centered, loving, giving and serving, and by recognizing the difference between First Aid and Chiropractic Care, chiropractors are distinct among health care practitioners.

When a large number of any group thinks and projects a certain way, the perception of the rest of those groups tends to come into agreement. The value of anything only becomes valuable when someone or many agree on its value. The more agreement of value, the more desirous it becomes.

When we believe in ourselves and the value of our unique service and we aggressively express and teach it, then the more others will agree with it and desire it. Charisma is the magnetic attraction of one who others innately know can be of help – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Success, health, and happiness belong to those who have overcome fear, have certainty in themselves and their actions, and who are centered in their producer, not the products, and recognize the gift of life in all things and who have surrendered to the will of God.