Human bodies are exposed to various environmental toxins from birth. A toxin is described as a poison produced by an organism that causes disease. Environmental toxins also consist of the toxins from alcohol, cigarette smoke, medicinal and recreational drugs, caffeine, heavy metals, exhaust fumes, pollution, pesticides, and preservatives.

Sometimes, bodies become congested with these toxins due to various causes like short-term heavy exposure, lifestyle, or even a poor diet and alcohol or drug excesses. Some other causes of this exposure are food poisoning and accidental drug intake.

Detoxification, popularly known as detox, is the general term for removal of toxic substances from the body. Though the removal of these substances is one of the natural functions of the kidney, liver, intestines, lymph and blood, it can also be achieved by dialysis.

The primary path is the liver, where this waste is transformed into bile. Bile contains a vast majority of the body’s waste matter like dead blood cells and the body’s metabolic waste and breaks down fats and lubricates bowel movements.

In some cases, the body cannot dispose of the toxins as quickly as they are generated or injected. The result of this combined with various other factors such as unsolved emotional issues, strain, or another disease can seriously affect the immune system of the human body. .

Some of the symptoms are dizziness, tiredness, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite, headaches, hives, rashes, increased body odor, mild skin outbreaks, and presence or worsening of allergies.

This exposure to toxins combined with various other factors affects the heart and cause strokes or heart attacks, in extreme cases, and may also lead to cancer and diabetes. Some other illnesses caused are Osteoarthritis, Emphysema, and Cirrhosis.

Though detox is a simple way to cleanse the body of the various toxins, it is not a way to overcome any serious addictions like drugs or alcohol dependence.

The elderly, small children, or people addicted to drugs or alcohol should undergo the process of detoxification only under the care of a qualified health care professional. Nursing and pregnant women should avoid detoxification unless under the care of a qualified health care professional.

Some general symptoms of detoxification are mild headaches, fatigue and discomfort in the first few days.

Written by Jimmy Sturo