Optimizing your Health with the Free Nutri-Physical

Identifying areas of nutrition where you need extra supplementation is often challenging. The Nutri-Physical Analysis is a free advanced survey that recommends a customized nutritional supplementation program designed to promote your health and quality of life. Your recommendation is based on your answers to questions on your eating habits, general health and energy levels. The survey, in conjunction with your health professional, will recommend a complete nutritional supplementation program.

To learn more about the FREE Nutri-Physical, visit: www.nutrarnetrix.corn/drcarle

Click on the Nutri-Physical logo on the right edge about halfway down the opening page. Follow the instructions to log-in and register. Please complete all information. It is very important that you input the correct address, phone number and email address.

We are asking EVERY patient to use “drcarle” (without the quotation marks)  as the password.

Username: Fill in your personal email
Password: drcarle

If you would like to order any supplements on-line then be sure to log­in so that all your information is already available and then go to the tab marked “products”.  Find the product area that you are interested in and then just follow the steps to place your order with a credit card. The product will then be shipped directly to you.

We value each and every one of our patients and we are offering these exceptional nutritional supplements to enhance the health and well­being of our patient base. Thank you for taking the time to register as a patient in our database on www.nutrametrix.com/drcarle.

Please see Brenda or Kathy if you would like more information.